Jonathan Goldman CV


Born in Ramat Hasharon, 1984.

Lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel.




2008-2012     BFA, The Department of Multidisciplinary Arts, Shenkar College of Engineering and Design , Ramat Gan.

2011                 Student Exchange Program,  Art and Textile Design, HAW, Hamburg University, Germany.

2007                Diploma in GraphicDesign, Mentor College of Design, New-Madia and Photography, Tel Aviv.    

2004-2005     Studio Assistant to the painter Peter Waddell,  Washington DC.


Solo Exhibitions


2017               No land, The Genia Shriber Gallery, Tel Aviv University, Curator: Irit Tal.

2016               Back to shore, Zemack contemporary art Gallery, Tel Aviv, Curator: Yaron Haramati.

                        Loudly now, Weizmann institute of science, Rehovot, curator: Yivsam Azgad.

2015               The West Border, Dana Gallery for contemporary art , Yad Mordechai , curator: Ravit Harari 

2014               Special Project, Fresh Paint Contemporary Art Fair, in collaboration with Gordon 2 Gallery and START Gallery, Tel Aviv.

                        L.A.N.D, Wilfrid Israel Museum, KibbutzHa'Zorea, Israel, Curated by Shir Meller-Yamaguchi and Anat Turbowicz.  

2013               Artist wall , Fresh paint 6 art fair , Tel Aviv, Curators: Yifat Gurion and Raz Shapira.

2012               Graduation Final Project, The Department of Multidisciplinary Arts, Shenkar    

                       College of Engineering and Design, Ramat Gan.


Selected Group Exhibitions 


2016              Things to come, Petach Tikva Museum of art, curator: Doreet Levitte Harten.

                       Secret art 8, Leumi Bank, Tel Aviv, curatorL Esti Drori.

                       The Israeli Spirit, Discount Bank, Tel Aviv, curator: Shulamit nuss.

                       White on White: From Malevich to Contemporary Art, Mana-Katz Museum, curators: Larissa Bliman and Svetlana Reingold.

                       A way of thinking, START Gallery, Tel Aviv, curator: Sharon Tuval.

                       Laguna art prize 10th, Arsenale of Venice, curator: Igor Zanti.

                       Re Seek, START Gallery, Tel Aviv, curator: Carmit Blumensohn.

2015               Silent Movies, Cavendish Square, London, curator: Vanya Balogh.

                        Group exhibition, The Weizmann institute of science, Rehovot, curator: Yivsam Azgad.

                        Broken Relationship,  Gabirol Gallery, Tel Aviv, Curators: Gil Ze'evi ans Sarah Peguine.

                        Refresh, Florentin 45 contemporary art space , Tel Aviv, curators: Gilat Nadivi and Vera Pilpoul.

                        There is There, START Gallery, Tel Aviv.

2014                Discovering Continents , Gordon Gallery 2 , Tel Aviv.

                         Rising Star, Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, Herzliya, Israel. Curators:  Dalia Levin, Ghila Limon and Tal Bechler.

                         Sommer Strasse, Final Exhibition of the Young-Artists-in-Residence Program, The Artists' Residence,  

                         Herzliya, Israel. Curated by Tal Kobo.

                         Defined Spaces, Habanim Gallery, Rishon LeZion, Israel, Curator: Keren Weisshaus.

                         Special Edition, Fresh Paint Contemporary Art Fair ,Tel Aviv, Curators: Yifat Gurion and Raz Shapira.

2013                 Transitions, La Culture Project, Gordon 2 Gallery, Tel Aviv. Curators: Itay Balaish and Dar Rotem.

                          SiteSpecific, Hakir Gallery, Tel Aviv,  Curators: Hila Peres and Yochai Barak.

                          Machines of Desire, Hanina Gallery,Tel Aviv. Curator: Dan Alon.

                          Summer Exhibition, Zemack Gallery, Tel aviv.

                          Homophile, Hatachana Venue, Tel Aviv, Curator: Itay Balaish.

                          Fresh Paint Contemporary Art Fair, Tel Aviv, Curators: Yifat Gurion and Raz Shapira

                          Wild Card, The Artists’ Studios, Tel Aviv, Curators: Vered Gani-Zafran and Avi Sabach.

2012                  Sleeping in our Beds, Artstation Gallery, Tel Aviv, Curators: Aya Shoham and Shiri Ben-Artzi.

                           Flowers, La Culture Project, Mazeh 9 Center, Tel Aviv, Curators: Itay Balaish and Dar Rotem.

                           Creating Life for Maor, Artstation Gallery, Tel Aviv,  Curators: Aya Shoham and Shiri Ben-Artzi.


Awards and Grants


2016                  Mifal HaPais Council for the Culture and Arts, exhibition funding grant for the NO LAND exhibition.

2014                  The Yehoshua Rabinovich Tel Aviv Foundation for the arts, exhibition funding grant.




2013                  Young Artist in Residence Program, The Artists' Residence, Herzliya, Israel, curator: Tal Kobo.